The IVMSP Best Student Paper Awards, sponsored by The University of Bordeaux Initiative of Excellence, are granted to the first, second, and third best contributed paper in the regular sessions for which a student is the principal author and presenter. The selection is based on the technical quality, originality, and clarity of the submission.

Best Student Paper Awards presented to

1. Tong Wu, Prudhvi Gurram, Raghuveer Rao and Waheed Bajwa
for the paper titled
“Clustering-aware structure-constrained low-rank representation model for learning human action attribute”

2. Yu Mao, Gene Cheung, Chia-Wen Lin and Yusheng Ji
for the paper titled
“Image classifier learning from noisy labels via generalized graph smoothness priors”

3. Rodrigo Cerqueira Gonzalez Pena, Xavier Bresson and Pierre Vandergheynst
for the paper titled
“Source localization on graphs via l1 recovery and spectral graph theory”